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Room Monitor

Room Monitor

Ref: B34/RM1

This monitor has a higher comfort zone and is particularly suitable for rooms where people are less active for example residential care homes and similar situations where people need to be aware of the amount of energy used to ensure they do not suffer from hypothermia or similar problems.

Mounted on Sturdy White card 1.25mm thick x 65mm x 157mm
Temperature Range 14°C - 30°C


(10 or fewer items) 2.10 (11 to 24 items) 2.04 (25 to 49 items) 1.80 (50 to 99 items) 1.50 (100 to 199 items) 1.44 (200 to 499 items) 1.32 (500 or more items) 1.19

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